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After spending 13 years of my life as a basketball player, the moment I quit, I felt life slap me in the face with "what are you going to do now?" and "who even are you without the sport?". I thought that I would be a basketball player for at least ten more years, but the reality of the numerous injuries to my shins, back and hip left me with the harsh truth, that I might have to quit just to save my body from more physical harm.


After all, I remember telling myself "I want to be able to walk by the time I am 30". So, I quit three weeks shy of signing an international basketball contract. What followed that decision became the hardest years of my life where I struggled with depression, anxiety and chronic low self-worth.


After years of trial and error, I discovered the reasons why I am now stronger, healthier and freer than I have ever been. The right answers lay behind the right questions. I don't believe there are coincidences, so the fact that you are here looking at a workbook that can literally change your life, this is no accident.


I have compiled 40 questions that will challenge you to face yourself, in order to understand who you are better, where you are going, what beliefs do you hold that are beneficial to your new life and what you can do to change the things you want to change for your best self yet.
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