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"Walk with me" - Viral Videos,  I have gone mega viral for simply walking through a crowded street, almost every time I post these videos.  They reach thousands- hundreds of thousands, up to millions of people on Tik Tok and other outlets.  

Please reach out to me for my rates. These videos would be great for clothing, jewelry and shoe brands.  But, they are also great for upcoming fashion brands, makeup brands/artists/hair artists, and even videographers looking to get their work seen and their name featured in my posts.

"Walk With Me" playlist I call in public/reactions includes some of my mega viral content : Playlist InPublic/Reactions created by @maliaarrayah (

I am also very open to sharing your brand in a multitude of ways.  please reach out here or send a direct email to for a quicker response.

thank you and looking forward to hearing from you, 

Malia :)

Hey!  So, many people ask me where I get my pants from, or my shoes, or why I wear certain clothing items A LOT..okay, I fall in love with shoes or clothes sometimes and I will LITERALLY wear them everyday or purchase them in all colors : )  I think of myself as a minimalist, but I just love when I can wear something that will last, that feels good on my body and I don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them : ).  Here is where I will share the items and brands I love including an affiliate link for you that clicks right to the item.  If you think I will love one of your products, please feel free to use my contact form below :)

2-inch Pink Crocs

photo by blinky500

Casual Slip on sneakers


looking forward to hearing from you :)

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