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What it Feels Like in America Following Multiple Mass Shootings

Reporting from East Bay, CA.

Over the past two weeks, there were a slew of mass deadly shootings here in America that all appear to have been racially motivated.

I am going to talk about the most widespread on media such as the Gilroy, California shooting and the following weekend, two more, in El Paso, Texas and then in Dayton, Ohio. In all, it is reported that at least 31 victims have deceased. There have also been reports of very violent weekends during the same time in places like Chicago which left people also deceased from gun wounds.

What I am going to talk about is how it feels to be in one of the most diverse states in America following some of the most deadly mass shootings in the Country's history.

Monday, August 5th

I showed up to work and it felt like there was a sense of quiet in the air. Not the usual oh no it's Monday kind of quiet, at least not from my perspective.

It was an eery quiet.

There were a lot less, how are you's and how was your weekend's on my end and on others as well. We all knew what happened over the weekend following the last weekend in Gilroy, which is just an hour or so away from where we are. It was as if we were all on edge, still, on edge with the reality that we could be next on a shooters list. Not only are we living in one of the most diverse states in America, but we now are living with the reality that most of us, having very diverse ethnicity's are being targeted by racially motivated attacks.

I was very aware that someone in the office could easily have had family or friends in one of those areas targeted by the shooters so I was not going to bring it up, but it feels like an underlying sense of doom, haunting us in each store we go into, even coming to work facing a reality that we could walk into a place at the wrong time and it could be the end of our lives.

Over the weekend, I accompanied my mother to a Walmart in the East Bay, CA. As I walked in, I thought, overcrowded as usual, but with families and people just trying to shop for themselves or their household. It could have easily been this Walmart as it is very diverse and I am too, very diverse.

I think now, about what I would do if a shooter came into this store. I picture myself protecting my mother, would I shield people? Would I run and hide? Would I freeze? I even pictured myself jumping on the shooter to stop them. Is this the new norm for the citizens of America?

It's hard for me to imagine that someone or someones could hate people so much based on a different skin tone, or ethnicity that they become enraged to the point of murdering in cold blood. But, it's been a long and cold history of hate here in America and we all know it.

Today is August 7th, 2019 and it's hard for me to not say something. We are all facing the reality that our president has openly stated that we are being invaded by specific races from specific places, such as Mexico. He is stirring up white supremacists and not taking any responsibility, but instead wants to blame video games. We are currently seeing the results of his tyranny and the gun laws have not been reprimanded.

How long can the politicians in power keep pushing off making changes to gun laws? How long must we wait to see a real solution? How long can the president continue his racist rhetoric without being held accountable for affecting young, hateful minds? HOW LONG???

I want to end this article by sharing my deepest condolences to the families, the friends and the loved ones of the victims of the shootings. May you all rest in paradise.


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Malia Arrayah

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