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Chronic Pain is a commentary by Malia Nahinu about living with a spine disease that affects her daily life. In this book, she expresses poetry and art to show her experience with the mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles of pain.

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A Civil War:


It’s hard to tell whether

My pain is of the heart

Of the mind

Or of the air

That I am breathing


An air of anger

Of lack of clarity

Cementing itself into my nerves

Ripping apart my muscles

Tightening my vessels

Deteriorating the very spine that gives me strength


It’s hard to tell where this pain came from

If it’s really sports

Or sadness pinching every nerve

Stopping me from being happy


There is a war inside my body

There is a civil war inside my being

My sanity speaks to my insanity

They have no closure

They live in curses and hexes

Fighting each other for peace or chaos

Wanting to control my fate

And my spirit sits on timeout

Crying out to the oceans

“free me!!”

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