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The Short Book of Weird

Welcome to another book by Malia Nahinu. In this short book, enjoy spooky and disturbing short stories, prose, poetry and creepy photographs.

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I am a corpse

I am a corpse
Dead to the world around me
Decaying to my self-defeat
He sits in front of me
With empty eye sockets
Two gaping holes in his face
With thick black blood pouring out
Holding a blade
Asking me to join his circus
Telling me it’s my only choice at this point
I am lifeless
My skin wreaks of rot
Like moldy trash that has been on the curb for weeks
I have nothing to call home
No one to sleep next to
I am utterly alone
Roaming the earth in search of my satisfaction
Ripping humans’ arteries out
Chomping on their hearts
Sucking on the veins until there is no more breath left
“join me” he says
And I remember when my dad said to meet him before the pandemic hit the earth
Before this world turned me into zombie
He hands me the blade
“all you have to do is slice your eyes out and then you will see”


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