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Internationally Published
Author of 16 Books 

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I don't like being traditional in terms of my writings.  I don't follow rules, or even grammatical rules.  I call myself Poet, Gothic Poet, or just plainly a "creative" because on any given day I will go from writing the creepiest things to writing the most sarcastic things I can think of.  

I fell in love with storytelling from a young age and all the books you see published are all of me coming to terms with my horrifying walk of shame into my creativity.  Some of it is truly terrible, and yet some of it I find curious enough to dive deeper into.

I like being my own version and sharing anything I can which is why I took the route of self-publishing all of my own books.

Writing is a sort of therapy to me, and I think you can find all kinds of relatable topics in my books.  Topics like chronic pain, mental health recovery, drugs, sex, funny happenings of my life being so tall, to topics that infuriate me surrounding social justice and female empowerment.  I have full books of slam poetry and books where nothing I've written lives in this reality.  This is the kind of creative I am.  A total delusion to what writing even is defined by.  And I stubbornly stick to this delusion.


Piece "Pizza" chosen to be published in Suicides and Murders.  2020.

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