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In this fourth collection of poems by Malia Nahinu, she takes you into her world of melancholia, romantic woes and ultimately a realization of love as a journey of self acceptance

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The Green Phoenix



Everybody knows about the

Amazing story of Lidonio, the Red Phoenix

How beautiful it is to know that

He dies and re-emerges from his own ashes

An iconic image of resurrection and renewal



No one tells the whole story,


This is the real story of how Red Phoenix came to be the legendary symbol of rebirth


It all begins with a Green Phoenix named Griselda the Great,


Griselda, the Green Phoenix,

Was the most famous phoenix ever to exist,

Her beauty,


Her superb flight,


But, she fell fate to her own demise

Her destiny, instead of great, became



All because, she fell in love with a Blue Phoenix by the name of Pontiguana,


Pontiguana was mostly known to the world as a prolific singer, often pictured guiding lost mermaids and ships across the seas,

But to some, he was known as a sneaky and troublesome warlock,


One day, Pontiguana, crossed airs with Griselda, stunned by her beauty and astounding flight skills,

Pontiguana decided to sing to her,


It was just his dumb luck that Griselda immediately became smitten for she once remarked, his voice stung her spirit like no other phoenix could dare dream,


One day, Pontiguana convinced

Griselda with his seductive singing voice to sell her beauty and flight to a white dove in exchange for his promise of true love, happiness and a family in the Sacred Skies, where castles of diamonds exist,


Griselda could not resist, for this was her dream, to live among the most prolific phoenix’s forever



Without a second thought, she sold her beauty and flight to Pontiguana,

who then took her gifts to Lidonio, his true love, who died in the great Phoenikan War, reviving him with the power of beauty, and the strength of flight

Securing his fate as the fabulous and historical Red Phoenix


Leaving Griselda without her beauty and flight,

She became a beggar, often stealing food

From the local shops,

frightening the young and the old alike,


Griselda the Great had become

A terrifying phoenix,

unable to fly back home,

She eventually left the city into the woods

And was never seen again,


Some say Griselda the Great was just a scary fable that parents told the young to make them aware of

The mischievous phoenixes

Who prey on the young for their talents


Others say,

She still


The caves of the mountains

Directly under the Sacred Skies

Hoping for a rope to be dropped down

So, she can live her dreams

As a prolific phoenix



in a way

That only fate and destiny understand,

Griselda has indeed become quite a prolific phoenix,

Even if it is a horror legend

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