My Mind: Poetry I Shouldn't Share

by Malia Nahinu


I am human



It’s Monday

Another Monday

And I take the trash out to the edge

Of my pitiful drought infested California curb

Filled with empty dreams…

I mean empty beer bottles

Something my pa would say

Supposedly as a joke

It used to be nice here

Come back twenty years ago

When everyone’s grass filled the streets

With beautiful green trees

And enormous yellow bees

My brother and I would run free

Playing baseball, and basketball

Soccer and Dodgeball too!

It used to be nice here

There I am


Another Tuesday

After my morning shower

After the pissing and the flossing

The pulling and the plucking

The brushing and the drying

I stare

A naked stare

A bare-chested kind of stare

And I ponder over

What worries the time

And I wonder what hurries

My mind

Am I living for


Or just a hope

That this fucking poem will…


I think about my toes

About the tiny critters that are exposed

They scream and shriek for their lives

Are squished under my feets

Without getting so little as

An I’m sorry

So, Tuesday

This Tuesday

Same as the rest

I have no original thought

I have no original name or crop

I need sleep and food and sex and…



Another Wednesday

Cereal is the choice of fuel

I like the sugary, tasty cardboards

Prescription drugs

Within our food

Addictive hugs

Lased in the autopilot greetings of my neighbors



How are you?

Okay bye.