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just in case anyone is curious of my writings. this poem is part of my upcoming book "being in a body is weird". I have so many poems inside me, and I just write, write and write some more. maybe one day they will mean something to anyone, and if they don't and my words disapear, I'd be okay with that. i don't write for profit. i write to write and just share. i like it that way so far...



The thoughts I hate poke at my landscape

I built this home in a desert

Escaping the world is my only leisure

But the sentences of the world

Creeps into my aura

Piercing at my energy

Infiltrating my barriers

I worked diligently to place

One brick of red energy at a time

All around my body ten feet distance please

Do not disrupt my field with negativity

I just want to be alone

But each stab at my mind

I can never escape the matrix

No matter how much I have meticulously

Replaced people

Placed new people

Disappeared from people

Protected my heart, from people

The past wants me dead

It wants me to drown in my own blood

it prods at my mindscape with horrible words

A slithering entity, crawling into my skin,

Forcing me to stare at myself in the mirror

Wanting me to accept the lies again

Telling me to puncture my body to feel numb

Make the thoughts go away


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