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She Wonders

She wonders


the sky falls into her mind

flushing her ocean worries

out with winds of blue agave

sucking the nectar of the breasts of the mountains

her soul wants to know the truth


she wonders

in mirrors of her nightmares

is this my fate?

licking the insides of his deepest fears

washing her hands

so many germs running in the thoughts of the leaders

can they wash their hearts?

a virus has been here for a while her daughter says from above

"how can you be talking to me? You have yet to be born?"

She wonders

about the gods and the goddesses

who fight along angels on the other side

pushing me into walls, corners, edges of cliffs

contemplating the essences of breath

watching storms of the youth

drench the fire of the old

feeling a pit of desolation

remembering the past

reminding her with a tap on the forehead

You Are Not Her


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